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NWR N.V. – Joint Liquidators’ Letter to Creditors dated 30 August 2018

(PDF, 242 kB)

NWR Holdings B.V. – Director’s Report to Creditors dated 9 May 2018

(PDF, 2 025 kB)

New World Resources Plc (In Liquidation) – Letter to Shareholders dated 22 December 2017

(PDF, 258 kB)

New World Resources N.V. – Director’s Report to Creditors

New World Resources N.V. – Director’s Report to Creditors

(PDF, 1 500 kB)

Annual Report 2013

New World Resources Plc Annual Report and Accounts 2013.
(PDF, 12 122 kB)

Coal Catalogue

(PDF, 443 kB)

NWR Sustainability Report 2012

(PDF, 23 528 kB)

NWR Sustainability Report 2011

This Report sets out the economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits of NWR Group for the calendar year 2011.
(PDF, 14 995 kB)
CSR Overview 2010

CSR Overview 2010

The publication presents socially responsible projects implemented by NWR.
(PDF, 2 360 kB)
Reclamation Brochure of NWR NV/OKD

Reclamation Brochure

Publication "Returning life to the Landscape" mapping the land reclamation projects.
(PDF, 2 339 kB)