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Glossary / D 

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a development project of NWR in Poland. NWR holds a 50-year mining license.

Deep mining:

the extraction of coal or its products from layers of rock by underground mining methods such as room-and-pillar mining and longwall mining.


refers to an area of coal resources or reserves identified by surface mapping, drilling or development.


the Svoboda coking plant uses coking gas containing hydrogen sulphide in process heating. As the gas burns, sulphur dioxide is generated. In order to minimise any leakage of such emissions into the air the process line of the coking plant includes a desulphurisation unit where sulphur dioxide is eliminated using a sodium carbonate solution (‘STRETFORD’ scrubbing method).


a study that provides the budget parameters for a project and allows decisions to be made whether to proceed to the next level of development.  Detailed feasibility studies require a significant amount of formal engineering work.


Disclosure and Transparency Rules.