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Glossary / M 

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M1 category:

equipment classified under the M1 category may be operated, unlike M2 category equipment, under conditions of increased methane concentrations, exceeding 1.5 per cent. That allows the controller to maintain a continuous oversight of the presence and movement of employees within monitored areas of the mine. Being fitted with an accumulator and a battery, the equipment remains operational even during a power-supply failure.

Metallurgical coal:

an informally recognised name for bituminous coal that is suitable for making coke by industries that refine, smelt and work with iron. Generally, this coal will have less than 1 per cent sulphur and less than 8 per cent ash on an air-dried basis. Metallurgical coal is sometimes referred to as coking coal.

Mining costs per tonne:

reflect the operating costs incurred in the coal segment for mining both coking coal and thermal coal. It includes consumption of material and energy, services (excluding transportation), personnel and other operating expenses. It does not include depreciation and amortisation.

Mining face:

the working area where the extraction of coal takes place in an underground mine.

Mining license:

permission to mine minerals from a mineral rights area.


one million (1,000,000) tonnes.