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Press Releases / 2009 / NWR announces successful completion of major land reclamation project 

NWR announces successful completion of major land reclamation project


Amsterdam (8th December 2009) – New World Resources NV (“NWR” or the “Company”), Central Europe’s leading hard coal producer, has announced that OKD a.s., its wholly owned Czech coal mining subsidiary, has completed the technical reclamation of 145 hectares of land affected by historical coal mining in the vicinity of the town of Karviná in the north-eastern corner of the Czech Republic. Known as “Darkovské moře” (or ”Darkov Sea”), it is the biggest reclamation project in the region.

The 145 hectare area was completely retrieved and landscaped. A five-year biological reclamation will now follow, during which trees and other flora and fauna will be reintroduced to the locality. A large part of the area features a newly-created lake, which will be established as a recreation area, with water sports facilities, for the people of Ostrava and its surroundings.

Among the many reclamation projects that OKD is currently undertaking in this region, the Darkov Sea project has a particularly high profile due to its size and proximity to  the town of Karviná. A wide variety of species of fish and birds have already returned, attracted by the lake. The surrounding, newly landscaped countryside has already begun attracting tourists, cyclists and anglers.

“We want to gradually reclaim and landscape former coal mining areas to a more natural environment, so that wildlife can flourish and people will benefit. The Darkov Sea project is an example of how a mining area can look after reclamation. People are returning to the locality without any prompting and that is a clear sign of success,” said Radim Tabášek, Chief Reclamation Officer at OKD.

Notes for editors:

New World Resources N.V.

New World Resources is the sole owner of OKD, a. s., the largest hard coal mining company in the Czech Republic and one of the largest producers in Central Europe with respect to revenue and production volume. In 2008, the company supplied customers in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Germany with approximately 12.7 million tons of coal, 7.4 million tons of which was coking coal for customers in the steel production industry.

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