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Press Releases / 2010 / New World Resources completes new coke battery 

New World Resources completes new coke battery


Amsterdam, 1 June 2010 – New World Resources N.V. (“NWR” or the “Company”), Central Europe’s leading hard coal and coke producer, has announced the completion of a new coke battery at its Czech coke subsidiary, OKK Koksovny a.s. (“OKK”), Europe’s largest producer of foundry coke. This is the latest phase of NWR’s Coking Optimisation Programme 2010 (“COP 2010”), a EUR 63 million capital investment programme designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Company’s coke operations. 

The newly constructed coke battery No.10 at OKK’s Svoboda plant in Ostrava, northeast Czech Republic, today began the ‘drying out’ process ahead of trial operations, which are scheduled to commence in November.

Michal Kuča, Chief Executive Officer of OKK, said: “This is a key milestone in the COP 2010 programme. The new coke battery includes new technologies that meet the most stringent environmental criteria, and we are now preparing for trial operations later this year.”

In 2009 NWR produced 0.8 million tonnes of coke. External sales volumes of coke in 2009 were 0.7 million tonnes, consisting of approximately 45 per cent of blast furnace coke, 25 per cent of foundry coke and 30 per cent of other applications. Expected coke production for 2010 is 1 million tonnes and the expected split is 58 per cent blast furnace coke, 29 per cent foundry coke and 13 per cent other applications.

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For further information, please contact:

New World Resources N.V.
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Tel.: +420 225 282 163

New World Resources N.V.
New World Resources N.V. is the sole owner of OKD, a.s., the Czech Republic’s largest hard coal mining company and one of the largest producers in Central Europe by revenue and volume. Serving customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Germany, the Company produced 11 million tonnes of coal and 843 thousand tonnes of coke in 2009.


OKK Koksovny
OKK Koksovny, based in Ostrava, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NWR. OKK is Europe’s largest producer of foundry coke and is a leading manufacturer of blast furnace coke, heating coke and coke for other purposes. OKK currently operates four coking batteries with a total 226 chambers at its two coking plants, Svoboda and Jan Šverma.


01 Jun 2010 New World Resources completes new coke battery (73KB PDF)

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