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Press Releases / 2010 / OKK Koksovny to participate in education of young specialists 

OKK Koksovny to participate in education of young specialists


AMSTERDAM (11 May 2010) – New World Resources N.V. (“NWR”) announces that its subsidiary OKK Koksovny will support the establishment of a new secondary school curriculum in the Czech Republic for students majoring in coke production technologies.

OKK Koksovny, as the largest coke producer in Central Europe, assumes responsibility for the development of the coke production profession as well as the industry as a whole. In partnership with other smelters in the North Moravia region of the Czech Republic, the company will participate in drawing up the future secondary school curriculum in relation to coke production technologies. The new curriculum will be integrated into the A-level-equivalent study of metallurgy, offered to students by the Secondary Technical School in Frýdek-Místek as the only school in the country to make this offer.

“All companies in the NWR group provide long-term support to employment in all their impact regions. Although the desire to work in heavy industry is dwindling among young people, I believe this trend can be reversed. Our approach also aims to increase the perceived prestige of the industry. Only young specialists can ensure the continued tradition of coke production,” said Petra Mašínová, Head of Corporate Communication of NWR.

As a part of this partnership, OKK Koksovny will invite students and teachers of the Secondary Technical School into internships. Successful graduates will be eligible for support in studying at one of the technical universities. Guaranteed employment within the industry for secondary school and university graduates will be a significant bonus on top.

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For further information, please contact:

New World Resources N.V.
Corporate communication
Tel.: +420 225 282 163

New World Resources N.V.
New World Resources N.V. is the sole owner of OKD, a.s., the Czech Republic’s largest hard coal mining company and one of the largest producers in Central Europe by revenue and volume. Serving customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Germany, the Company produced 11 million tonnes of coal and 843 thousand tonnes of coke in 2009.


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