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Active Coal Mining Operations 

The Company’s hard coal reserves are situated in eight mining areas in the Karviná and Ostrava regions of the Upper Silesian basin, covering a total area of approximately 120 square kilometres. The majority of OKD’s mines are located in the Karviná region and have a seam thickness ranging from between one and eight metres. The Paskov mine is located in the Ostrava region and has an average seam thickness of between 0.5 and 1.2 metres. There are four active OKD hard coal mines: Karviná, Darkov, Paskov and ČSM. All the coal produced by OKD is of good quality, with the highest quality coal being produced from the Paskov mine.

Our four mines have 23 shafts extracting coal from depths at around 1,000 metres below the surface. All the mines extract coal from mutiple seams using the longwall mining method with shearers or ploughs in connection with mechanised shields or single hydraulic props to cut coal and to secure the excavated area.

Map of active coal mining and coke operations

Active coal mining operations