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In June, New World Resources Plc and New World Resources N.V. agreed the key terms of a restructuring of the NWR Group's balance sheet and NWR NV moved its principal place of business and address to London. The restructuring was successfully completed on 7 October 2014. Further details at NWR Capital Restructuring.

 2013 The sale of NWR´s wholly owned subsidiary OKK Koksovny to the METALIMEX group was successfully completed on 6 December 2013.

NWR Strategy update. NWR's strategy leverages our established proven strengths, expertise and customer relationships to develop the business to become Europe’s leading miner and marketer of coking coal.

 2012 New World Resources Plc ('NWR Plc') completes squeeze out proceedings as part of its 2011 redomiciliation process. NWR NV becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of NWR Plc. Further details at UK Redomiciliation of NWR.
 2011 Official ground breaking ceremony marks the start of the Debiensko mine project. 
 2011  New World Resources Plc was incorporated in the United Kingdom and became, as a result of a share-for-share offer, a parent company of New World Resources N.V. In May, A shares of New World Resources Plc commenced dealing on the London, Warsaw and Prague Stock Exchanges.
 2011 KARBONIA PL Sp. z o.o. changed its legal form to NWR KARBONIA S.A. (February 28, 2020) 
 2010 OKK has commenced trial operations for its newly built coke battery at the Svoboda Coking Plant in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. The new battery is a key part of the COP 2010 capital investment programme, allowing OKK to consolidate all coke production at a single, more efficient coking plant. 
 2008 New World Resources B.V. was converted to New World Resources N.V. and listed on the London, Warsaw and Prague Stock Exchanges.
 2005  New World Resources B.V. was incorporated as a Dutch private limited liability company to serve as the holding company for the coal mining operations and the coking business of the Company and certain related businesses.
 2005  Majority shareholders buy out minority shareholders, consolidating their shareholdings in the former OKD, CMD and Metalimex.
 2004  Karbon Invest purchased 46% of the shares of the former OKD from the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic. Shortly thereafter, Karbon Invest was acquired by RPG Group.
 1998 - 2004   Karbon Invest acquired controlling stakes in CMD and the former OKD from minority shareholders. A majority stake in Metalimex, a commodities trader, was acquired by CMD and K.O.P., a.s. In 1998, the former OKD purchased all of the outstanding shares of K.O.P., a.s., a majority shareholder of Metalimex.
 1999 NWR KARBONIA was established in 1999 under the name of KARBONIA PL Sp. z o.o. in the little town of Kaczyce in Upper Silesia, near the Czech border. 
1994 - 1997 40% of the former OKD shares and 45% of CMD shares respectively were privatised through a voucher privatisation programme and purchased by individuals and investment funds.
 1994 Establishment of OKD, OKK, a.s. The joint-stock company was established on 1 January 2021 by the allocation of OKD, a.s. assets. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of OKD, a.s. The new enterprise was created by merging two mining coking plants located within the city of Ostrava and one more plant located in the Karviná region. 
 Early 1990´s In the early 1990s, state enterprises engaged in coal mining were converted into two joint‑stock companies (akciová společnost), the former OKD and CMD, to prepare them for privatisation. The former OKD comprised most of the mining industry located in the Ostrava‑Karviná region, while CMD operated hard-coal mines in the Kladno region and Ostrava‑Karvina region (CSM in Stonava).
 1946 Government of the former Czechoslovakia nationalised the hard coal mining industry.
 1782 Regular mining activities in the northeast region of the Czech Republic commence. Prior to 1946, the hard‑coal mining business in the Ostrava‑Karvina region was under the control of several companies. One of the most famous owners was the family of Salomon Mayer Rothschild.