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How NWR creates value 

Strong market position

NWR, with four deep working mines and several development projects in the Czech Republic and Poland, is one of Central Europe’s leading producers of hard coal, in terms of both quality and quantities sold.

Located within the industrial heartland of Central Europe

NWR’s assets are strategically located in the industrial heartland of Central Europe, a region whose industries, in particular the automotive sector, have remained resilient compared with their counterparts in Western Europe during the recent downturns. Manufacturers and heavy industries are attracted by the region’s business friendly environment, competitive and skilled labour force, and ready access to an existing infrastructure that serves the entire carbon-steel supply chain.

European Union structurally short of coking coal

The European Union, including the Central European region, is structurally short of coking coal and needs to import a growing proportion of its coking coal requirements. This trend is widening. As a regional player with proven strengths and strong customer relationships, NWR is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this industry dynamic by engaging in the import markets. With this in mind, NWR announced in 2013 a strategy to reposition the business as Europe’s leading miner and marketer of coking coal by 2017.

Proximity to blue-chip customers

Through longstanding relationships with our customers, NWR has gained insights into their specific requirements, enabling the Company to anticipate future changes in demand for different qualities. This encompasses both the quantity and mix of coal grades, including the increased take-up of pulverised coal injection coking coal. Coal is predominantly transported via the railway network directly to our customers.

Responsible corporate citizen

Ensuring that the business is both economically and environmentally sustainable enables the Company to maintain its social license to operate. As one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic, NWR is fully committed to open and regular dialogue with all relevant stakeholders on a whole range of social and environmental issues. Our core areas of focus alongside safety are: land rehabilitation, enhanced employee training, and to continue to make a significant positive economic contribution to our region.

Operational excellence

NWR is one of the most efficient miners in the Silesian region with world-class mining equipment and unrivalled levels of technical expertise. Operating mining technology for longwall production and gateroad development, we mine at levels deeper than the majority of the world’s miners, at around 1,000 metres below the surface.


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