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Annual Report and Accounts 2011 / Strategy / Strategy 


JORC reserves as at 1 January 2021 385Mt

Understanding of and support for our commercial aspirations are fundamental to our licence to operate. Therefore, we build and cultivate relationships with our customers, employees, local municipal authorities and other key stakeholders.


  • Total coal production per employee held constant over the past four years, and at the same time mining LTIFR has improved by 37 per cent
  • Board approval for Dębieńsko and subsequently broke ground in December 2011
  • Announced a four-year exploration process for Frenštát
  • Renewed investment in electricity plants in the region, will ensure that coal remains an important fuel source in the region. Over 90 per cent of electricity production in Poland is from coal

Early investment in the latest technology has meant that we are now producing coal from areas and at depths that were reviously considered very difficult to mine, all whilst maintaining strong safety performance and keeping costs under control.