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The NWR´s Board of Directors has established five committees to assist the Board in exercising its authority.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Audit and Risk Management Committee, wholly consisting of Independent Directors, ensures the integrity of NWR’s financial reporting and the audit process. The Committee monitors the work of the external auditor and oversees the internal audit unit. It also reviews the systems for internal control, compliance and procedures for identification of strategic and business risks.

Barry Rourke (Chairman), Bessel Kok

Safety, Health and Sustainability Committee

The Safety, Health and Sustainability Committee assists the Board with oversight of corporate and social responsibilities and pays special attention to health, safety and environmental risks within the NWR Group. The Committee oversees the implementation of sustainability programs as well as NWR’s performance on health, safety and environmental matters. It is also responsible for preparation of NWR’s Sustainability Report.

Ian Ashby (Chairman), Gareth Penny, Alyson Warhurst, Dale Ekmark 

Real Estate Committee

The main role of the Real Estate Committee is to oversee the interactions between the Real Estate and Mining Divisions and compliance with the Divisional Policy Statements. The Committee also reviews and advises the Board on transactions of the Real Estate Division which are outside of ordinary course of business.

Barry Rourke, Bessel Kok

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee sets the remuneration and contractual terms of the Executive Directors (incl. the Executive Chairman of the Board) and the NWR’s senior managers and advises the Board on remuneration of the Non-Executive Directors. The Committee prepares the remuneration report and proposes the share-based incentive schemes.

Bessel Kok (Chairman), Ian Ashby

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee leads the process of Board appointments, identifies potential candidates and makes recommendations to the Board concerning succession planning for both Executive and Non-Executive Directors as well as key senior managers of the NWR Group. The Committee also reviews the structure and composition of the Board.

Alyson Warhurst (Chairwoman), Charles Harman, Peter Kadas