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Corporate Governance Policy

As a company incorporated in the United Kingdom, and listed in the UK, the Czech Republic and Poland, NWR has established an appropriate corporate governance framework. The Board of Directors has adopted a Corporate Governance Policy based primarily on the UK Corporate Governance Code and complying also with the spirit of the substantive requirements of codes in the Czech Republic and Poland.

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct governs the behaviour of all officers and employees of NWR and its subsidiaries. Appended to it is the Whistleblower Procedure which is a reporting mechanism enabling the employees to express concerns to the Chairman of the NWR´s Board of Directors, Senior Independent Director and the designated officer in relation to the conduct of NWR, its officers and employees.

Share Dealing Code

In compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland, the NWR Group has implemented a Share Dealing Code that covers dealings in NWR´s shares and other securities, disposal of inside information and disclosure of information relating to dealings in the securities by the Directors and certain employees of the NWR Group

Divisional Policy Statements

The Divisional Policy Statements refer to the Mining Division and the Real Estate Division that were created within the NWR Group. They operate separately for accounting and reporting purposes.

NWR Group Risk Management Policy

The NWR Group aims to successfully manage risks and maximise opportunities to ensure that our business objectives are met in the most effective way. In doing so, we strive to comply with the highest international standards of corporate governance and risk management. The NWR Group Risk Management Policy lays out our principles and guidelines to ensure a consistent approach to and application of risk analysis and risk management across all business units and activities of the NWR Group.

Business Integrity Policy

Bribery, corruption and fraud are serious problems in today's international business undermining good governance and transparency. We are therefore committed to a zero tolerance approach and a pro-active stance to preventing and combating all forms of bribery, corruption and fraud. Our Business Integrity Policy forms a basis for this commitment and sets out our standards, responsibilities and expectations for NWR, our employees and business partners. We strive to comply with international best practice and all applicable regulations, in particular the UK Bribery Act 2010.

Diversity Policy

NWR recognises the importance of diversity in the workplace and believes that the business gains from a wide range of skills and a variety of different backgrounds. NWR strives to actively promote diversity and has therefore adopted the Diversity Policy.

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