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01/2011 - 10/3/2020

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Dear readers,

2010 saw a strong economic revival in Central Europe with a consequent increase in demand for coking coal and coke. It was a good year for NWR, and for most of our customers and partners, and the economic downturn now appears to be behind us. Our revenues grew by 40%, EBITDA increased by one and a half times and operating cash flow was 80% higher than in 2009. We were able to pay a dividend of EUR 0.43 per share for the year as a whole, marking a return to our long-term dividend policy of distributing 50% of our net profit.

There has been a pick-up in the automotive industry and related sectors and 2011 looks promising for coal and coke sales. Both globally and in Central Europe, demand for coking coal has undoubtedly been influenced by the dramatic events in Australia. You can read about the factors influencing the global coal and coke business, as well as the practical aspects of negotiating coal prices, in an interview with Petr Otava, who is responsible for our coal and coke sales.

We are making significant progress with our Debiensko project in Poland. The exploratory works have been completed and we plan to break ground before the end of the year. The mine should be fully operational within five years.

Importantly, we will reincorporate NWR in the UK this year, making us eligible for inclusion in the FTSE indices. While this will mean absolutely no disruption to our daily business, the positive impact on our equity story should be significant.

You can find more information about our plans and developments within NWR in the following pages. And I am delighted that from this issue, Open Mine magazine is available in three languages – English, Czech and Polish.

Enjoy your reading.

Marek Jelínek
Chief Financial Officer
New World Resources N.V.

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