Open Mine / Open Mine 01/2012 

01/2012 - 3/4/2020

Open Mine [2 187kB, PDF]

Dear reader,

It is something I feel sure you are familiar with from your own experience: friends who have spent years abroad return home and, as we show them around, they cannot hide their surprise at the transformation that their home town and their country have undergone during their absence. This is natural, as only those who have kept the necessary distance are able to discern changes down to the fine detail.

I myself had a similar experience when I returned to OKD after a five-year interval. This is where I started my professional career, before serving a full 15 years at various levels of the group. The OKD I have come back to is completely different from the one I left. The new extraction technologies, introduced as part of the Productivity Optimisation Programme (POP), make our miners’ work easier and allow the mining of coal in less accessible places. The new coking battery at our sister company OKK was designed on the basis of the latest scientific research and according to the most stringent demands for environmentally friendly operations. The new mining control system ensures that our clients enjoy security of supply and enables a higher measure of flexibility in the production of coke. Work safety standards at the mining and coking operations have experienced an appreciable improvement. And on top of all this, the company is managed in a modern fashion, providing for openness, transparency and social responsibility.

For half a year I have been in charge of coal and coke sales. My objective is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction in the products we provide and the service we deliver – I believe we will succeed.

Zdeněk Durčák,
Chief Commercial Officer at OKD