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Development projects / Dębieńsko 


Dębieńsko is located in the centre of the Upper Silesian Basin, the Dębieńsko project is one of the last undeveloped hard coking coal deposits of significance in Central Europe.

NWR KARBONIA holds a 50-year mining licence for the Dębieńsko mining area. Benefiting from the extensive Central European rail infrastructure, the coking coal project is strategically located in close proximity to Central European's largest steelmakers.

In early 2013, due to adverse market conditions, we suspended the development, however, we have now completed a positive pre-feasibility study for the project which takes into consideration the prevailing economic environment. This resulted in the declaration of 186 million tonnes of marketable hard coking coal reserves under the JORC 2012 code.

Our next step is to identify a suitable strategic partner, or partners, to participate in the project.