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Development projects / Morcinek 


Morcinek is a mothballed mine in Southern Poland, adjacent to the Czech border that was last mined in the late 1990s and is a long-term project for NWR. Morcinek comprises two sites, Morcinek 1 and Zebrzydowice 1. We were granted a 12-year exploration license in 2003 for Morcinek 1, the mine, and in 2008 an additional 6-year license for the second area, Zebrzydowice 1, in 2008 in order to document the reserves.

NWR KARBONIA is responsible for the Morcinek project, and it currently undertakes engnieering works and activities related to managing the mining licence. 

A dedicated team is deployed to dewater the former mine via our existing operations at OKD’s ČSM mine, on the Czech side of the border, in preparation for potential future mining activity. This process is expected to take several years to complete.